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ISBN-13: 978-0-8047-0015-3
Writer: John Alexander Williams
Τitle: Turning to Nature in Germany
Subtitle: Hiking, Nudism, and Conservation, 1900-1940
Language: English
Edition: First Edition
Place of Publication: Stanford, CA
Publisher: Stanford University Press
Year of Publication: 2007
Format: 158x235mm
Pages: x+354 printed on acid-free, archival-quality paper; Abbreviations, 265; Notes, 267; German Archives and Periodicals Consulted; Bibliography, 331; Index, 351
Illustrations: 13 black and white pictures and sketches
Jacket Illustration: B
ndische Jugend at the 1919 national meeting in Coburg of the Wandervogel, eingetragener Verein
Jacket Design by Rob Ehle
Binding: Hardcover in duotone laminated dust jacket
Weight: 621gr.
Entry No.: 2008014
Date of Entry: 21st February 2008


Turning to Nature in Germany is a study of mass movements that aimed to bring the German people into closer contact with nature. In the early twentieth century organized hikers, nudists, and conservationists all looked to nature for solutions to the nation's political crises. Following these movements over three political eras--the Second Empire, the Weimar Republic, and the Third Reich--the book shows how manifestations of popular culture reflected the concerns and hopes of their time. Williams breaks with historians who have long seen nature movements as anti-modern and irrational by arguing that naturists were calling not for Germany to turn back the clock, but for the nation to find a way to navigate the treacherous waters of contemporary life and strive toward a brighter future.

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1. In nudity there is class equality.

2. Total nudity destroys the mystery and secrecy of sex, doing away with unhealthy desires and perversions.

3. When people must show their bodies in public they cannot remain compacent about remediable defects and deformities that clothing can mask.

4. Sunbathing and exercise in the open air naturally strengthen the body and give it a beauty that can only come from health.

5. The human organism, expecially the glandular and nervous systems need direct contact with air and sun for proper functioning.

6. Clothing is by nature unhygienic, unaesthetic and undemocratic.

7. It is as important to remove foreign bodies, in the form of meat, alcohol and tobacco, from inside the body as it is to remove artificial coverings from the outside.

8. The improvement of the race in both health and beauty, as well as morality, is a goal toward which all nudists should aspire.
Heinrich Pudor (1865-1943)

(Source: Naked as a Jaybird by Dian Hanson, Taschen, 2003, page 18)


Τitle: Geschlecht und Gesellschaft (Gender and Society), Dritter Band (III, 1-12), 1908
Publisher: Verlag der Schönheit, Berlin
Editor: Karl Vanselow (1876-1959)
Language: German
Format: 156x235mm 
Place of Publication: Berlin, Leipzig, Wien
Year of Publication: 1908
Pages: xiv+576
Illustrations: 109 duotone and black & white plates, pictures and sketches printed on matt art paper
Binding: Hardbound in embossed lettering and design front cover; to facilitate the binding all 12 front and back covers have been removed
Weight: 1,453gr.
Entry No.: 2009069
Date of Entry: 23rd November 2009


This is the second oldest acquisition of the Naturist Library & Documentation Centre, edited by Karl Vanselow, founder of the first naturist magazine “Die Schönheit” (Beauty) in the spring of 1902. The entire volume deals with sex education and life in the late German Empire.
Excellent printing on heavy paper.